Monday, February 27, 2012

I'll Fly Away

Voices just keep on coming.
I can't stop listening.
I can't stop singing.
So many things I can do.
Time never waits for me.
I should really sing more.
Ideas are flooding in like sleet and I can't sort them all out.
So I carry on with the pecking.
Pecking at these keys.
They'll get sorted out one way or another.
Words are like complicated people.
You wanna know them, but it takes time.
At least its that way with me.
More beautiful noises meet my ears.
This world is so full.
I have yet to taste a bit of it.
Its tiring.
I want to conquer all those questions.
I want to open their minds to the truth.
I rejoice in the truth.
Why do they keep rejoicing in iniquity? 
Its sad.
But love hopes.
There's still hope for those clueless numskulls.
Those truly ignorant people.
Ignorant of the truth, and the true beauty.
The things they think they know. 
It would be so much more simple if everyone say things in black in white.
Its a fortunate thing.
Frustrating at times, but its the best.
There's so much more than Love.
The common misconception they talk about.
They created.
They are making worse.
Can't they see they aren't helping anyone?
They want to do good.
See these things running through my mind?
There's so much.
I always pictured my thoughts like desk files.
I always pictured God Almighty looking through them helping me sort them out.
Some things just never go away.
I picture things in really odd ways, but we all do.
I used to think fly fishing meant fishing out of an airplane.
I really wish I knew horses.
I have a horse.
I want to know her, ride her and be her friend. 
Do I not understand myself if I can't understand her, Buck?
Her she comes.

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