Friday, February 10, 2012

sleep on the wet ground

drizzy rain falls constantly, theres no end to this drury Mo weather, it canget one down.

45 more minutes, thats 2700 seconds, and I hate math.

But nothing can get me down.

I spread my wings.

Have fun?? It was a blast.

The pressure in here is like a fish.

I'm going going to be a sleeping pll for halloween.

My emotions are running low.

But I'll sail above.
All will be over soon, and I'll leave again, and not be back for a long time. Its all unseen again.


  1. "The pressure in here is like a fish."
    ......That is brilliant.

  2. So, I logged in, went to this post, freaked that I had a comment, then freaked that you used the word brilliant in reference to a quote I wrote..
    *That awesome moment when you learn you can write something brilliant*
    I don't get those alotxD